Trump is America

When I hear the words “America first, America first…” and transpose the meaning, “Trump first”, the world suddenly makes a lot more sense. Rewind a few weeks to the day when Trump announced his controversial plan to retain full ownership of his businesses whereby he only receives a consolidated profit and loss statement each year – and that the trump organization will only invest in domestic deals – I wonder, what if this is the vehicle by which trump the business man is using to comprehend the American economy and inform his world perspective? In a truthiness world where government statistics, mathematical truths and monetary policy are looked upon with suspicion, what is more reassuring than the dollars in ones bank account?

Is the trump organization a proxy for the forgotten American man who has suffered under globalization? Could this explain the insistent denial to reveal the trump tax returns because the numbers reflect not an embarrassing web of conflicts of interests, but a portrait of the average debt ridden and struggle American household’s financial distress and decline over the decades. Does trump seek to restore America to a time when America’s P&L was greatest – and when was that?

We know that trumps small multi million dollar loan was grown to over a billion, though it may now be substantially less (measured by nebulous “brand value”). Could this reflect trumps view of the American image across the international community? What factors may have created the false correlations that the last 8 years have been a disaster?  Our pattern seeking irrational minds illicit and connect what we experience with the information present in our every day lives. For the demographic which watches conservative media such as Fox News there has been one consistent theme – “ObamaCare is the cause of declining America” though ignoring the trends that existed long before it’s existence. Trumps first executive order to start the slow process of weakening the ACA blindly accepts this belief.

However, the contradiction that trump is both a savvy intelligent business man and a bigoted, baseless, ignorant man child are too divergent to explain a man that successfully, though perhaps accidentally, won the electorate to become the president of the United States. All the analysis about his rhetoric and campaign platform being only that is proving to be false as trump’s actions suggest that he very much intends to see through his campaign promises – which also appears to be the case with May’s latest reiteration for a hard Brexit – because democracy must acknowledge the will of its people, even if voter turnout was manipulated or skewed against normal expected non-demagogue informed models and our ideals for a global United Federation.

As a wonder if Trump is a proxy for the American experience, I begin to better understand why there was such massive backlash against the perception of a lobbyist funded liberal establishment. Democracy certainly isn’t near perfect and it seems only logical that a capitalist based society would gravitate toward a paradigm where Citizens United became a mechanism to voice business interests. In a world of amazing complexity, we are still governed by laws of finite time and limited capacity to do everything we want. In such a world corporations are most proficient at optimizing decisions to maximize ROI, and evidence has shown that a dollar spent on lobbying can yield much greater returns than a dollar chasing margins.

Corporations, of course, aren’t perfect as they are made up of people thrown together in an evolutionary unfamiliar environment where our basic instincts for self preservation, greed, and power play out at the micro level resulting in office politics, backstabbing, corporate espionage and worst – but somehow in aggregate corporations manage to eek our value for society and propel humanity forward, sometimes for better, sometimes worst, but generally positively.

To what extent the trump corporation of America advances good or bad, and that the zero-sum game isn’t being played as trump corporation vs America, history will tell.


~ by fp on January 31, 2017.

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